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International Literacy Specialist Headlines Teaching Matters 2024

Feb 2024

An international literacy specialist has said that approximately 95 per cent of all Grade 1 and 2 students have the ability to learn to read at their grade level standard.        

Dr Jan Hasbrouck is a renowned educational consultant, researcher and author from the United States, who will discuss these research findings in Catholic Education Tasmania’s Teaching Matters 2024 ‘Science of Learning’ National Summit.  

Registrations are now open for Teaching Matters 2024, which will be held at Wrest Point in Hobart from March 24-26, with early bird discounts available until 9 February. 

With declining literacy rates across Tasmania and Australia, Teaching Matters 2024 Headline Presenter Dr Hasbrouck said these heartening statistics provide encouragement for our dedicated teachers. 

“Compelling evidence from a convergence of reading research clearly indicates that approximately 95 per cent of all students can be taught to read at or approaching grade level proficiency in Grades 1 and 2,” Dr Jan Hasbrouck said.  

“The actual percentage is limited primarily by students’ oral language abilities.”

These statistics also include students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, meaning that with the right support and educational techniques they can also attain grade level reading proficiency in Grades 1 and 2, Dr Hasbrouck said. 

“Early instruction makes a world of difference for our students. Early success breeds continued success and early struggles makes what is already a challenging process for many students seem impossible, and they are discouraged to even try,” Dr Hasbrouck said.

“Young children are hungry to learn and fascinated about language. We use that curiosity and voracious hunger to deepen their knowledge about their language and how the new skills of reading and writing make connections to that language for exciting and purposeful activities.” 

Dr Hasbrouck’s presentation at Teaching Matters 2024 will focus primarily on the complexities of reading fluency, and its essential role in reading comprehension. 

“Too many people think reading fluently means reading fast. While ‘rate’ is one component of fluency, it is not the only nor the most important component,” Dr Hasbrouck said.

“This is a topic I’ve been studying for many decades and I want to share some practical understandings about how to help our students become fluent readers.”

An expert in the field of literacy education, Dr Hasbrouck has provided educational consulting to schools in the US, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Jamaica, has been a university teacher and professor, consulted and advised to US state-level reading initiatives, undertaken significant research, authored and co-authored several books, and was a co-founder of the non-profit organisation Read Washington. 

Dr Hasbrouck has decades of professional experience and knowledge which she is looking forward to sharing as Headline Presenter of Teaching Matters 2024.

Hundreds of educators from all teaching backgrounds will participate in this knowledge-sharing Summit, which will feature an engaging program of keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and the opportunity for networking.

Teaching Matters 2024 is centred around the scientific, evidence-based, high-impact teaching practice called the Science of Learning.

The premise of the Science of Learning is to break down educational tasks into small, bite-sized pieces, which are then taught sequentially, with frequent check-ins for student understanding. 

In late 2022, Catholic Education Tasmania launched their Insight initiative, which equips teachers with knowledge of the Science of Reading and Learning and high impact teaching practices.

In 2024 there will be 31 schools within the Archdiocese of Hobart that have embraced the Insight initiative.

For registrations and further information, visit:

Early bird discounts are available until February 9. 

Photo caption: Renowned international literacy specialist, Dr Jan Hasbrouck, will present at Catholic Education Tasmania’s Teaching Matters 2024 ‘Science of Learning’ National Summit in March.  

Media Contact: Damita Whiteley – 0437 721 466

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