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System-wide assessment results demonstrate Insight’s early success

May 2024

Catholic Education Tasmania are delighted to see early indicators of the success of Insight implementation across schools, with a measurable outcome of improved student achievement.

Executive Director Dr Gerard Gaskin said he was thrilled to see the early impact of Insight as identified by student achievement demonstrated in 2023 Progressive Achievement Testing (PAT) results.

“Let’s celebrate the early indicators of growth and redouble our efforts to see every single student grow in knowledge, wisdom and service.”

“Let’s all take great encouragement from these results. We are setting all of our students up for continuous growth in their learning across all the core subjects,” he said.

In the domains of maths, reading, spelling and vocabulary, CET Schools have seen an improvement in the average scale score. A significant component of this forward progression is the scale scores from students from Insight schools that have embraced the Science of Learning and Science of Reading methodologies.

Students from schools that have embraced the Insight Science of Learning and Science of Reading methodologies over the past 12 months achieved better growth results on PAT results across all domains from 2022 to 2023.

This progression is notable when comparing the percentage increase in average scale score. Across the domains, Insight schools outperform non-Insight schools by as much as 11 per cent.

For more information, read our Becoming the Most Improved Education System in Australia brochure.

PAT has been implemented across all CET schools, offering a system-wide view of student progress in maths, reading, spelling and vocabulary. CET will continue to use the common assessment data to measure student progress as a means of monitoring growth in teaching and learning practices over time, providing a strong evidentiary foundation on which the Insight program can build.

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