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High Impact Teaching Practice kicks off at 24 schools

Apr 2023

Over 133 teachers and leaders across Catholic Education Tasmania’s schools have commenced the highly anticipated High Impact Teaching Practice (HITP) In Action course.

Participants will work closely with education experts and exemplary teachers to learn about effective teaching pedagogy based on the Science of Learning, and how they can implement these approaches in the classroom.

All teachers will receive several days of professional learning over the course of the year, which includes learning more about the science of learning theory, watching exemplar teachers demonstrate practices, rehearse using the methodologies themselves and then receive specific coaching feedback on how they could improve.

Between the formal sessions, teachers will be encouraged to continue implementing the practices in their classrooms and reflect on how they might use their new approach across all subject areas.

Secondary Schools and Colleges will be working with Jordan O’Sullivan from Shaping Minds and his team of expert teachers.

Primary Schools will be working with Michael Roberts and Toni Hatten-Roberts from COGLearn. Primary School leaders have also commenced their leadership mentoring with Michael Roberts, a former principal who has implemented Science of Learning teaching in several schools throughout Queensland, to assist in planning the roll out at their school.

To learn more about HITP In Action and the journey at your school, speak with your Principal, or the INSIGHT team.

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